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How to Hack E-Mail Account Password - Email Hacking Software

How to Hack E-Mail Account Passwords Using Trojans and Keyloggers

I've been posting a lot about Email Hacking on this blog. Now you know that there are many ways to hack email password, like bruteforcing, social engineering or Reverting, but the main two methods used to hack email passwords are Remote Keylogging and Phishing. In this article i'll show you how to hack email account password using keyloggers and trojans. Here I am demonstrating using PRORAT trojan. You can use any trojan or keylogger as per your ease. The basic functionality of all backdoors are same. Pls make note that all these hacking tools and softwares are detected by antivirus. You have to uninstall or close you running antivirus first. Now we can start.

How to Hack Email Account Passwords Using ProRat?

1. First of all buy ProRat for $750. Once you pay for it, we give download link, it is downloaded right click on the folder and choose to extract it. A password prompt will come up. The password will be "pro". Contact to buy

2. Open up the program. You should see the following:

3. Next we will create the ProRat Trojan server. Click on the "Create" button in the bottom. Choose "Create ProRat Server".

4. Next put in your IP address so the server could connect to you. If you don’t know your IP address click on the little arrow to have it filled in for you automatically. Next put in your e-mail so that when and if a victim gets infected it will send you a message. We will not be using the rest of the options.

5. Now Open General settings. This tab is the most important tab. In the check boxes, we will choose the server port the program will connect through, the password you will be asked to enter when the victim is infected and you wish to connect with them, and the victim name. As you can see ProRat has the ability to disable the windows firewall and hide itself from being displayed in the task manager.

Here is a quick overview of what they mean and which should be checked:

6. Click on the Bind with File button to continue. Here you will have the option to bind the trojan server file with another file. Remember a trojan can only be executed if a human runs it. So by binding it with a legitimate file like a text document or a game, the chances of someone clicking it go up. Check the bind option and select a file to bind it to. A good suggestion is a picture or an ordinary text document because that is a small file and its easier to send to the people you need.

7. Click on the Server Extensions button to continue. Here you choose what kind of server file to generate. I prefer using .exe files, because it is cryptable and has icon support, but exe’s looks suspicious so it would be smart to change it.

8. Click on Server Icon to continue. Here you will choose an icon for your server file to have. The icons help mask what the file actually is. For my example I will choose the regular text document icon since my file is a text document.

9. After this, press Create server, your server will be in the same folder as ProRat. A new file with name "binded_server" will be created. Rename this file to something describing the picture. A hacker could also put it up as a torrent pretending it is something else, like the latest game that just came out so he could get people to download it.

Very important: Do not open the "binded_server" file on your system.

10. You can send this trojan server via email, pendrive or if you have physical access to the system, go and run the file. You can not send this file via email as "server.exe", because it will be detected as trojan or virus. Password protect this file with ZIP and then email it. Once your victim download this ZIP file, ask him to unlock it using ZIP password. When the victim will double click on the file, he will be in your control.

11. Now, I will show you what happens when a victim installs the server onto his computer and what the hacker could do next.

Once the victim runs the server on his computer, the trojan will be installed onto his computer in the background. The hacker would then get a message telling him that the victim was infected. He would then connect to his computer by typing in his IP address, port and clicking Connect. He will be asked for the password that he made when he created the server. Once he types it in, he will be connected to the victims computer and have full control over it.

12. Now the hacker has a lot of options to choose from as you can see on the right. He has access to all victim's computer files, he can shut down his pc, get all the saved passwords off his computer, send a message to his computer, format his whole hard drive, take a screen shot of his computer, and so much more. Below I’ll show you a few examples.

13. The image below shows the message that the victim would get on his screen if the hacker chose to message him.

14. Below is an image of the victims task bar after the hacker clicks on Hide Start Button.

15. Below is an image of what the hacker would see if he chose to take a screen shot of the victims screen.

As you saw in the above example, a hacker can do a lot of silly things or a lot of damage to the victim. ProRat is a very well known trojan so if the victim has an anti-virus program installed he most likely won’t get infected. Many skilled hackers can program their own viruses and Trojans that can easily bypass anti-virus program

How to Make a Trojan Undetectable by Antivirus Software

 For those of you that bought the trojan from us but are having problem using it on public computers due to antivirus

We gonna need a Privacy Protection Software. This kind of software is used by program creators to protect their creation from cracking and reverse engineering. We gonna do the same to a trojan and you are going to see the result.

1. First of all you need to download the program: PC Guard for Win32

2. Open the program, and in the "Application filename" browse your server's location.

2. Click on the "General" tab, and check the options like on the image below.

3. Now do the same with the "Security & Encryption" tab. Look at the image below to see what options to check.

4. At the end choose "Protection Methods", and select the following options:

We are done!

The Scan Results:

Poison Ivy server:

Bifrost server:

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to post a comment!

How to Create Your Own Phisher to Hack Any Website Account Password

Learn how to hack any website account password | Phishing Creator Tool

Previously i've posted how to hack websites using phishing, like eBay, Gmail and Facebook. Here i want to show you how to make a phishing page using a Phishing Creator - Super Phisher and get account information for various websites from many people. Đ¢his is the easyest and also a very effectively way to make a phisher and hack any website account password.

Here are some features of Super Phisher:
  • Fastest phisher maker tool ever
  • Makes phisher for almost any site
  • Useful for users who dont knows HTML, PHP coding
  • No manual work except entering URL of website, for which u want to make phisher
  • Fully automated tool
  • Small in size.
  • Instant access to phishers you created.

For example i will show you how to make a phishing site of

Here is a step by step guide to hack any website account password using phishing creator tool:

1. First of all download Super Phisher here.

2. In "Super Phisher" folder, open "Super Phisher.exe" file to get something like:

3. Now, in "URL of Login Page", enter This is the site you wanna hack.

4. In "Name of Log File" write password.txt or whatever you like. This is the place where all typed id and password are stored. In "Name of PHP File" also type anything you like, e.g. lockerz.php or login.php...

5. In field of "Site redirect to", enter, so that victim is redirected to original Locker site when he enters his email and password.

6. Click on "Build Phisher" and you will get Lockerz phisher created in "Output" folder in current directory.

7. Upload all of the phisher files to any free webhost site like:
8. Once you have uploaded the files in the directory, send this phisher link to your victim and make him login to his Lockerz account using your sent Phisher.

9. Once he logs in to his Lockerz account using Phisher, all his typed email and password is stored in "password.txt".

10. Now you can see password in this .txt file and hack Lockerz account password.

Super Phisher is just awesome software to hack Lockerz account password. This software not only is used to hack Lockerz account password, but also can hack orkut, gmail, yahoo, myspace and many other emails.

How To Hack and Do Bank Transfers

For those newbies who are so surprised about  how we go about doing bank transfers, this is a little tip for you.

Okay so lets get started,

The first thing you are going to need is banking credentials of some sort. The information you need will be different for each bank and depend on how your doing the transfers if by phone or online so research is the key here!

If you are doing the transfers online take a look at the banks login pages to determine exactly whats needed to login, you might also need additional information like a password or code to make a transfer so it's a good idea to set up a bank account with internet banking on the bank your targeting, this way you will be able to see all that is needed and not just what you need to log into the actual website.

The usual information needed to log into online banking is usually like; (remember different banks = different info)
  1. Username/account number
  2. Password
  3. Letters/Numbers of a security code
  4. Answers to secret question
  5. Date of birth (sometimes)

For transfers it's much better to talk and bank using the telephone, this is far more successful than online transfers because it doesn't attract so much suspicion when a few thousand is being sent somewhere and banks will process the transfer there and then meaning that if your phone call to them is successful there is a 95% chance your transfer will be too.

You need different information to do this type of transfer and like before it's different with each bank, also like before it's a good idea to set up a bank account with the bank and make a transfer by phone, this way you will know what to expect when you go to make a fraudulent transfer by phone.

Here is a rough guide of what you might need;
  1. Account number
  2. Sort Code
  3. Address Details
  4. Date of Birth
  5. Mother maiden name
  6. Answer to secret questions

All the information you need for any type of transfer can be bought online for a relatively small amount of money, the details for online transfers will usually cost you between 3-15% of the account balance. Information to make phone transfers will normally cost between $15 upto $50 and this depends on how much information is given to you about your mark.

Alternatively you can collect and gather this information yourself by the many ways available such as botnets, phishing, data mining etc...

After you have got the information you need you will need to find or set up a bank account which the stolen money can be transferred into (bank drop), for obvious reasons this must not be an account in your real name! The most common method of getting an account for this is to find people willing to offer they're account for a percentage of the money, normally 30-60% of the transferred amount. Another way of getting bank drop accounts is to set them up yourself using fake ID and counterfeit documents, there is a little extra work and investment needed for doing this but the returns financially are well worth it.

Now you have information and a bank drop account you are ready to make the transfer, here is some information and steps on how to go about making both phone and online transfers.

Telephone banking

In theory this method is pretty self explanatory because all you really need to do is make a call to the telephone banking line of your target bank and answer any questions they ask as if you were the person whose details you have but like any type of transfer true success will depend on how well you plan and carry off the operation so you must talk in a calm, cool and collective way.

Acting or at the very least voice impersonation will play a major role in transfers made by phone because NO bank is going to accept a transfer from someone on the phone who has the relatively squeaky voice of a teenager or young adult when the original account holder is supposed to be 60 years old so you must take the time to perfect your voice to sound like the account holder might. Sometimes the dialect of a voice can also make a bank worker weary of a transfer because if the account holder lives in Australia and you were born in India he or she might be able to spot this in your fake voice so you must must must! get the dialect,tone and language of your targets country correct or you will fail, simple!

When you have your voice you are ready to make the call, it's a good idea to use call spoofing and forwarding to have your targets telephone number registered with the bank appear on caller ID because some banks may check this or use it as further verification, there is sometimes also some sort of voice changing functionality with some of those call services which is a good feature to add to the fake voice your making vocally or if you have female info and you want to sound like so.

It's not usually necessary to use spoofing so if your making a call just make sure you are doing so from an unregistered pre-paid cell phone or pay phone and not the personal land line number in your house.

Online transfers

Again like before it's pretty easy to do but there is a lot of different aspects that can effect the success you have with this method of transfer. All banks have different procedures and levels of tolerance regarding online transfers, most of your work at the start will involve research, trial and error and perseverance to figure out the best ways in doing it and how to maximize your profits from it.

Okay so you have your information and a drop account, now you need to make the actual transfer! When you are doing anything illegal electronically via a computer you MUST secure your identity or so called virtual fingerprint paper trail your system and modem leaves behind, you can do this by using socks, virtual private networks, hacked wireless connection or any other form of legitimate anonymizing techniques and principals to protect your IP address and ultimately your identity and location. A good rule of thumb is to display an IP address located within a local proximity to that of your marks location or geographic area so an IP from the same city or state is ideal.

after this step you can successfully and safely login to online banking!

Now we have to think about what we are doing... as mentioned before the banks generally set an amount of money which is deemed acceptable and safe to transfer online, the history of the account holders' transfers will also come into play so it's your job to determine the highest amount a bank will accept in an online transaction without arousing suspicion, this can be done by looking at the payment history of an account and using your research inline with what you discovered as the banks acceptable amount in comparison to the balance and history ratio. It is no good trying to transfer $8k from an account with a $10k balance when the real account holder has never made a transfer bigger than $3k before.

So after you have a figure you think or know is safe to transfer you can attempt to make the transfer, please take a look below for more information regarding transfers in general.

General notes and tips about making any type of transfer

The best time to make a transfer is during big seasonal/regional/public holidays like Christmas or Summer, people spend a lot of money at these times so the chances of a successful transfer increases and suspicion falls, please remember it's not the same for small holidays or seasonal events like at the beginning of a new year because people tend to hold back on spending at those times because they spent so much at Christmas etc...

Transferring money into a bank drop account from the same bank will usually happen instantly so you can cashout the money on the same day the transfer was made, sometimes this can be seen as suspicious though. If you are transferring money into a different bank it will take between 1-4 days for the money to appear in the drop.

Don't transfer money at the weekend because people usually use they're cards a lot more on weekends when they are off work and out shopping so they will find out money has been taken from their accounts faster, best day(s) to make a transfer is Sunday,Monday or Tuesday.

If available select the option to take the money from the account on the day it will actually be transferred (1-4 days) there is usually a box to tick online for you to do this or you can tell the bank worker via the telephone that this is what you want.

If you have a big balance account like $250k it doesn't mean you can automatically transfer $75k out of that account because it's a small amount in comparison to the balance, a good rule is to take between 3-7% of the big balances but also remember the history of the payments is also very important, try to transfer what the banks sees normally from the account holder.

Make small transfers to your drop account that the account holder might not see or report, if you make a big transfer 2-3 weeks later there is a good chance of success because the bank will see money has previously been sent to the same account and no problems were reported.

Online only;

Take a look at the last log in date for the account or ask your vendor to do this if they checked the account after getting it because if the person doesn't log into or use online banking often there is a chance the success of a big transfer will fall and you will then be able to adjust your transfer accordingly, you will also know that person probably isn't going to see a bank statement until the end of the month.

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How To Hack Into Anyone's Computer and Steal Informations


 How to create a TROJAN and hack into anyone's computer.

This tutorial will teach you how to use a R.A.T. & How to get them started. Many people get confused on how to use them.

Download Cerberus 1.03.4 Beta.: 

Step 1.)

Browse to the Cerberus folder, and run Cerberus.exe as shown.

Step 2.)

The client window will be displayed. This is the main window which would be displaying a list of connections and their info, had you actually any victims online. Of course at the moment, it is empty. But when you do have victims, you would right-click on their name/icon to bring up a pop-up menu which would provide you with the option to do all sorts of fun stuff.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 974 x 453)

Step 3.)

Click on the Options button at the lower left corner of the window. This brings up Program Options. You can choose to leave the password as it is, or make a new one.

You have the option to enter 3 ports to listen to. If you don't know how to port forward ports, go search for a tutorial on port forwarding. Once you have your desired ports properly forwarded, enter them (a maximum of 3) into these fields. As you can see, I left the first field default (5150) and then set the second to my preferred port (8245). No, this number doesn't have a whole lot of meaning. Just make sure it is forwarded. Now click Save, and click on Options again. If you just advance to the next radio button, your changes might not be saved.

Step 4.)

Skip down to the last radio button. (NOTE: If you have the No-IP DUC running, you can skip this step.)

In the username box, enter the email address you used to sign up at If you don't have an IP registered there, go search for a tutorial on making a no-ip address then come back here once you have your account.
In the password box, enter the password you used at

Zoom in (real dimensions: 978 x 452)Image

Click Update, Save, then Exit.

Step 5.)

Click the New button at the lower left, near the Options button.
This is where you start the creation of your server that you want your victims to click on.

Click the Basic Options button.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 973 x 442)Image

Where I have entered, you would replace with your own no-ip address that you registered that
Click the + button to add it to the Address Book. This is the address your server will try to connect to (destination: YOU). The password must be the same used in Step (E). Connection port must be a properly forwarded port, and one of the possible 3 ports that your Cerberus client will be listening to.

Step 7.)

Click the Server Installation radio button.
Set your options as I have. They don't need to be exact, except for the fact that Install Server must be checked.

The directory installation isn't very important, nor are the exact names you choose, but I would suggest you choose any directory besides Temporary Directory.

Step 8.)

Select the Boot Methods radio button. This is where you will configure how your server is started whenever their PC is restarted.
Set your options as mine (you can change 'WindowsUpdate' to what ever you want) and click the + button after Active Setup a few times.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 978 x 452)Image

Step 9.)

This is where you bind a file of your choice to be run whenever your server is clicked on. If you aren't interested in binding a file to your server, skip this step.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 978 x 452)Image

Click the ... button after file to select a file to be bound inside your server.

In most circumstances, if the file is something the user actually wants, you would set Execution to Shell Execute (Normal). However, if you don't want any signs of this second added file being visible to the victim, set it to Shell Execute (Hidden). Setting the Destination to anything other than Temporary Directory is preferable. Make sure that a check-box is checked besides each file you want included in the server.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 978 x 452)Image

Here are some miscellaneous options. I would recommend checking Keylogger Active, so it is easier for you to steal passwords as your victim logs-in to websites.

Check Inject into Default Browser or select Process if you want your server to attempt to hide itself inside a running instance of the user-defined process ( I typed explorer, but if I wanted to inject into the Windows Explorer process I'm pretty sure that I should have typed Explorer.exe instead), and if it fails, it then injects itself into the victim's default browser. Among other things, this aids in preventing your server from being removed by an Anti-Virus program. Nothing is certain though, of course.

The Mutex is any value which uniquely identifies this certain build of your server. If another server with the same Mutex attempts to start, it will cancel because the same server will already be running. You can set the Mutex to whatever you like, or leave it alone.

Step 10.)

Under the Create Server page ( you can ignore Display Message, Blacklist, and Overview as they aren't really relevant to this tutorial ), pick a name for your server (which of course you can rename whenever), and select its icon. If the icon you want isn't in the Cerberus\Icons directory, then it won't be available for selection from the Icons List. To select a different icon, click on the icon image itself to load another. Of course, Use icon must be checked.
Zoom in (real dimensions: 978 x 452)Image

Compact Server with UPX indicates that you want your server to be compressed (in other words, reduced in file size) by the UPX freeware executable compressor. Optional.

Under the File Extension drop down menu, you must select either Application (*.exe) or Screen Saver (*.scr) if you want your selected icon to be displayed.

When you are done, click Create Server.

The following window will pop-up:
Zoom in (real dimensions: 978 x 452)Image

A description of what this means is beyond the scope of this tutorial (actually, I'm just too lazy to explain it) so you can go ahead and click No.

Another dialog will inform you that your server was created, and where it is located (usually in the Cerberus folder). You now have your server!
Zoom in (real dimensions: 978 x 452)Image

Now, it is time to test it. One way of doing this is to run it on a spare computer that has access to the internet; in my case, I just run the server myself, and if all goes as expected, my Cerberus will play this beast growling sound, and show a little balloon over it's taskbar icon, indicating that you have obtained a connection to a new victim!

That's it.

GMAIL HACKING: How To Hack a Gmail Account

Gmail Hacking.

How to Hack Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software

hacking gmail account password, how to hack gmail account password This is the Simplest way of hacking gmail password, However this may not work for some people because most Antivirus software's easily recognizes this 'Gmail Hacker software'. This trick involves creating a special .exe file and sending it to the Victim. and when he or she runs this 'Gmail hacker software' you will get the Username and Password to your "Gmail Inbox". This Trick requires you to have "Microsoft's .net Framework", if you dont have please download and install it.
Hacking Gmail Account Password using 'Gmail Hacker' Software
Follow the Step by Step Tutorials below to hack Gmail Account Password
Step 1: Download "Gmail hacker" Software (extract the file to desktop). If your Antivirus deletes the file, then please turnoff your Antivirus or uninstall it and try downloading again.
Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software Step 2: Run 'Gmail hacker Bulder.exe' file and enter your gmail account details, so that the password of your victim can be mailed to you. If you are afraid of entering your gmail details, then do create one fake account and enter those details.
Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software Step 3: After you enter your 'Gmail account' details Click on 'Build'. Now the Gmail Hacker will Clone itself, ie it will create another file called 'Gmail Hacker.exe' and will save it in the same folder.
Hacking Gmail Account Password using Gmail Hacker Software Step 4: Now Send the 'Gmail Hacker.exe' file that you just created to your Victim Via email or Upload it to any File sharing website for eg:, Rapidshare, etc and send the link via chat or email. Ask the Victim to try that software to hack others email and some how convince him to run that software and enter all information (which includes his Gmail id and password plus Gmail ID of the victim he want to hack). When he enters the required information and hits the 'hack them' Button, he will receive an error message as shown below and The Username and Password will be mailed to your Gmail Id (that you Specified in Step 2)

Note: you Should Provide a valid USERNAME and PASSWORD, in order to receive the hacked details.

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