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You are welcome to the wonder land of hacks, want to know how to hack an ATM MACHINE OR BANK ACCOUNT?
You can hack and break into a bank's security without carrying guns or any weapon.


First of all, we have to learn about the manual hacking of ATM MACHINES AND BANKING ACCOUNTS before introducing the software.


If you have been to the bank, you find out that the money in the ATM MACHINE is being filled right inside the house where the machine is built with enough security.

To hack this machine manually, get an ATM card, wether valid or not, as long as it can freely enter into the machine. Then get a candle, light the candle and use the wax to cover the panel on the ATM CARD, covering that panel will make the card look defualt to the machine.

Now, go to any Bank near you and try this trick, but if you are caught, thats your own wella ooh! not mine. When you get to the machine, insert the card and enter a default pin which is 0000. Done that? Wait and see the action. The atm machine will dispense cash. But some times the machine would say card not smart or it would just eject your card. The reasons is because some atm machines are upgraded while others are not.

For you to know an upgraded atm machine, you will observe that most times when you use a particular atm machine, as the machine is dispensing the cash, the bank will also send you a debit alert. If the machine is not upgraded, it may take up to 30 minutes before the bank sends a debit alert. The candle trick is 60% efficient on a machine that is not upgrade but it may not work on upgraded machine because of its sensitivity.


From our studies on the manual hacking of the atm machine, you will agree with me that its affects the bank alone but using the software affects the individual or organisation that owns the bank account.

Like I said, the software is very easy to use, but you need a prepaid debit mastercard and a knowledge on how to hide your browsing ip (your location) on your pc. The money you hack will be sent to your prepaid debit mastercard not your bank account, this is for security reasons but afterwards, you can go to the nearest atm machine close to you and withdraw the money using your mastercard.
NOTE: I advice that you should not use your correct house address on your mastercard billing details to avoid probs for yourself.

Having known this, you download the software, install it, launch it and enter every information required on start. After this, logon to the control panel and click on transfer funds, then you will be brought to a page where you will enter the details of the bank account you want to hack. Details like account name, account number, name of bank, country and routing. After entering the informations, click submit and the person's bank account balance will display, then enter the amount you want and click send to card, the money will be sent to your prepaid debit mastercard.


I am currently selling this software at a give away price of $50000000000000 to serious minded people. If you need this software, contact me with this email


NOTE: We have made millions of dollars with this software and there is no amount of money you can give to us that will make us sell it to you. We just shared this to let you know there exist a bank hacking software and there is no fucken  security in the bank. Below is our free video on ATM hacking. You can watch for better understanding

If you feel you have a pressing need for this software, we can negotiate with you and give it to you. You can mails us here 


Would the panel be the black strip on the back.also Mystery Girl have you tried this.

what do you mean by panel of atm card

THANKS DUDE! a kinda happy. the candle trick works but the fist i try it but said me card not smart. I was very fear bcoz the security was coming. BUT i try again and it dispense cash. please send me the software to I will pay any money you want

what do you mean by the atm card panel not sure what that is please explain

o troque da vela so da com um cartao multibanko ou com qualquer outro cartao que entre na maquina atm?alguem me pode explikar?obrigado

the candle so the trick with an ATM card or any other card that enters the atm machine? someone can explain me? thank

yes i also don't understand the trick please can some one give a proper it will happen...with an logic.
thanks email me so i know the $65 is safe to send

this all thing r fully bakwas...

I tried to do this here in the PH using the candle trick but it isn't working. The machine asked for the PIN, I entered 0000 then it gives all the usual option, I choose Withdraw, entered the amount I wanted then it says I cant because it of wrong PIN. Help help!!! I think most of the ATM's here are upgraded.

ppls pls send me the software that i can use to hack bank account pls

pls just send me the software now

i will like to get more information, and how to gt the software pls @

pls send me the software as i will also send you mtn default password for internet browsing both wireless and lan..

i accept the terms and conditions can you please contact i m intested in hackings as i mailed you contact me 2

Macfreezy;can you plz tell me what atm card`s panel means..?

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Please can you help send some atm and bank accounts hacking info to this

this sounds like a trick to try. ima try it out n if it works dude i paying top dollar for your software!!

the black line on the back of atm

ok, THank you all. For those of you asking of panel. Not all atm cards have panel. The black label is not the panel. THe panel looks like gold. For those of you whose candle wax did not work,you can use the fluid from your mouth, it will work. Thank you for your comments and reviews and for of you who bought my trojan and software, use it wisely. Thank you all

So use your saliva on the black panel

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Does the candle wax trick work on any atm

OK I don't understand what panel you are referring to..every ATM. card that I have seen or owned have a black line on the back..not anything that looks like gold..the only other thing on the back of any ATM card that I've seen is the signature line..the black line/label above the signature line and a silver reflecting square that changed certain colors when flipped or swayed back and forth..that's it..can u please explain to me in FULL DETAIL on what the panel is and how to properly and successfully do this hack please

Which ATM cards have the does it look
Send full instructions here

send me the software please....ASAP.

Has anyone else got a response from the post Creator or know how to do this..??

I tried it with glue Viola it works, dript out 300 bucks,it works like my master reset ATM card.if you seriously need bank account hacking software $200 I send it to you. if you can't hack or go through the stress I Can send you ATM machine master reset card, you only need default code which is 0000 to make quick withdrawal going for $500.
I also have liberty reserve money adder $40.
ATM card skimming machines for cloning.

$$$$you can pay me through paypal, liberty$$$$.I can't you free so don't ask.

You say you tried this ATM trick with glue...where did u put the glue..??..what panel is he describing on the cards..??...if you help I'll buy the software from you

Dear buyers, any thing you want to buy, contact site admin directly with You are responsible for any transaction between you and any body posting any program in the comment box. Buy from the legit source, Thank you

i have an SBI ATM which is valid from may2010 don't have any golden panel.
plz help me

I put this glue on it put it in the machine i enter the 0000 i select credit card i enter 500 i entered 20 it still says " your financial institution cannot process your request at this time then spits out the card with no reciept, someone please email me at if u help me and i get $ i send u some thanks

I put this glue on it put it in the machine i enter the 0000 i select credit card i enter 500 i entered 20 it still says " your financial institution cannot process your request at this time then spits out the card with no reciept, someone please email me at if u help me and i get $ i send u some thanks

Is there a specific bank or where i can find one of these non upgraded machines?

Plz send to me a software

Hello does this candle trick work in the UK. If this fails u day yry glue or own saliva is that right. How much would it be for a master crack atm card can we send you the money afterwards because some people might not have that kind of money in the first place.

Hi will this trick work in the U.S. I tried the candle max method with an old credit card on a citi bank atm. It took it and asked me to contact my financial institution. I also would like the free software sent to my email I can send you however much you request afterwards.


HI everyone i would like the free software sent to my email I can send you however much you request afterwards please.
i have many bank accounts that i need to deal with.
i'm in south africa.

anywhere i can get bank loggins and bank dtails"fresh uk bank dtails " asap please

this is my email:

Franklin how much for the master reset card??

Ȋ̝̊̅ applied saliva on d card..isertesd d card into d machine..Ȋ̝̊̅ typed d PIN 0000.. Ȋ̝̊̅† din't dispense cash rather it took me back to PIN request again.. Dis occured for like 3 times. wat am Ȋ̝̊̅ not doin properly.. Kindly update ♍ε̲̣̣̣̥.

I need this software to do transfer any one to give me the software and i will like to know how this master reset card works you can contact me on dprince480}


what do you mean by panel of the atm card...please explain it to me..

mystery baby please can you please explain to me how you use the candle wax and which one is the panel on the atm card...please sent the explanation into my

HI I AM FROM the Philippines IF I USE UR TRICK IT WILL WORK IN MY COUNTRY and i am interested in hacking software

just send me needed info to my emaill add

Want to reset MasterCard. Software. My email

what is the bloody panel and where to find it on the atm card??? so is there some one to clear this???

Please Help me.
Can i use this trick in India.?
The bank nearby me are State bank of india, central bank of india, bank of india,HDFC and more..
I agree to pay you at any cost.
Contact me.
mob :+919507204575

hey sir....
will it work in india , the wax or saliva trick?
and what gold panel you are referring to?
plz reply me at

For those of you who have the bank hacking software can u help me plz I don't have any money to pay but can u plz plz Loan me the software plz plz I will repay u plz plz I beg I wud have taken a loan to pay u but I can't cause I don't have SSN, no job, no collateral and am living in the Caribbean it makes it even harder to get a loan so plz am in desparate need of sum cash

Email me at or

I want to you to make deal with you
I am having many account that we can do it

listen didn't do this trick but i can explaine....panel is a area on the atm card which looks like a golden's color made up of metal like a sim use candle wax on that panel and do hacking but i think now a days all atm machine are upgraded/................thanks

It works well in virtually all Australian banks and few banks in nigeria. Doesn't work in US banks at all. There are more tricks to this silver panel stuff. D veiling stuff is even harder compared to d ones I sold to my clients. Mail my fb: Kelvin Howard Green.

Yes i will help you Kamara. you sound like a good person. but you must promise to only use the money you get, for food and shelter. not for wine and bad women. you find an atm not near other stores, or in well lit areas. then hide in the shadows next to the atm machine. after a person gets their money, you jump out, and hit them in the head with a rock. then take their money. take their watch and shoes too. you obviously don`t care if you steal to get money, you gutless coward! so be a man and rob someone face to face. and if he doesn`t kick your flabby ass, then you will have earned your ill goten gains.

i have sbi card but there is no gold panel..... So can u tell me more about this..... In

damn! The gold panel is same as the chip. It works with Nigerian banks, and to top it all, I've laid hold on the account hacking software, thanks to the admin blogger here. If you feel you need the bank hacking software, contact me via I might be able to help, but it aint free though

i want to buy the hacking softwere.send me on this email.

Hi PLZZZ send ME facebook hacking link online


do u have a cell number i can contact you on? i need the software... this is my e-mail.

Hey this trick work in the U.S. London here, upgrade atm software pin contact me on here I used the candle max method with an old credit card on a citi bank atm. It took it and aske me to put old pin after bring dialog box for new pin that all i withdraw like three time that day....used my new atm card it work too mail for explaine on works well in virtually all Australian banks and few banks in africa Doesn't work in some US banks at all. There are more tricks to this silver panel stuff. D veiling stuff is even harder compared to d ones I sold to my clients. Mail me

can any one please put screen print (wax to cover the panel on the ATM CARD)

Hi ,is here anyone from ROMANIA ?????
This wax trick work on eastern Europe ?
Anybody know ?
How about that software?
Have tried someone ?
Lets help together and make some money.Its everyone interest here!!!!!
This is my address
Haide-ti fratilor sa ne ajutam !!!!
Asta e e-mailul meu

Can someone please help me I need $150 asap please contact me at /

Just FYI this will not work in the states.
Most (if not all) ATM's here are secured.

Did it realyy work??? Di you use an ATM card with panel chip?

Can we use a credit card with the panel chip as if it is an ATM?

Anong ATM card ginamit mo pre and anong atm na bangko?

hi, i am looking for partner..i have small card copier and writer anyone working in restaurants or in cash me. i am in bangalore ..

if you want software from me .. u can live me by mail will teach u how to use software .cause i find new sofware ,how to hack account of bank

I need someone that can wire money to a bank of china merchant account. Also someone that can do WU transfers. This business is to be a steady continious one with the money sent in trickles. No upfronts, if you can do it, you to prove yourself and get paid with clean money. Contact or

Is there anybody from Singapore or Malaysia that can hack bank account with only these Info: bank name and account, with bank address. If so contact immediately via

Living in the states....looking to work with anyone who can't get in the Us but has the knowledge to make easy money here.... Contact

I had a deal with this hacker, I paid him for a trojan and I got download link few hours later, I followed the tutorial he sent on how to use the tool then i went to a public computer center and disabled their anti virus and installed it. I got home later in the day and checked my server and like a magic all the username, email and passwords enter on that pc during the day was right there before me. Its awful, thanks bro. He is legit

who want this software about hacking with machine of moneybank ...i was study till 2 years to make and get this software ... and it works with good .. but i was pay him 500$ dollar with them cause they make it this software... and now i dont have problem with the money.. and i have a car and home and market now from this software ...reply me ..


Looking To Buy Software Asap Hit Me Up

i hav done it it works.i hav got the software also so u can contact me for it and hack more its true.marcusahiagbe@

Hi there, if i don't have a master card can i use a visa card?

Can i use a visa card to hack atm machines?

Hello sir do you still need the software.

im looking for partner. i have lots of atm and bank details.who interest pls mail:

iv looked at all my cards dont have panel that every one is talking about have chase debit which is no longer good but it dont have anything that looks gold

i want to buy the software contact me how got he software

i need partner for WU hacking. if any one interested please mail me.

hello i want to ask is it only the atm or you can use the visa card to. i am interested in being a hacker and i need freinds so you can add me on and together we make a master key

well its a panel with atm cards OK!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been searching for ways to hack funds. I am willing to do whats nessasary it retrieve them. All I need is assistance on how to do so...


I can hack bank account in few second in pakistan

Are the banks out there set up like the ones out here

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